With Deep Respect for Tequila’s Traditions, Chef John des Rosiers Aims to Make Tequila Better with the U.S. Launch of His New Blanco and Reposado Tequilas

Chicago, IL (Jun 17, 2024) – Cambio Tequila, a new brand which explores the possibilities of barrel finishing respective to flavor and character more than any other tequila, today officially launched in the U.S., with its inaugural Blanco and Reposado expressions.

Founder and CEO Chef John des Rosiers, a 30-year veteran of the world’s finest kitchens and bars, believed that there was a missed opportunity in the tequila category. A classically trained Chef, John began working at some of the Midwest’s best restaurants – before opening several of his own unique concepts – and was fortunate to be part of a team that built and managed a 1,500-bottle wine list, which drove his interest in all types of spirits along with a desire to create a tequila brand. John’s Somm’s palate combined with his natural creativity allowed him to bring a completely different viewpoint to the spirit and how it’s aged in unique finishing barrels. With the belief that tequila is the only spirit in the world that retains a sense of place (terroir) through its entire process, he created Cambio with deep respect for tequila’s traditions, while finding opportunities to improve the spirit that honors the older heritage of slow, handmade craftsmanship.

“Cambio, meaning change is what drives us—the relentless pursuit to improve, build and evolve,” said Chef des Rosiers. “Our tequila is the culmination of this dedication and a rejection of ‘good’ enough’ and ‘that’s how it has always been done’. Every choice we made with Cambio was designed show the true potential of the spirit.”

The Process & Distillery

Tequila Cambio uses a 10-step process called “Método Refinado,” or refined method, which starts with hand selecting 100% Blue Weber Agave directly from farms in the high elevation Highlands of Jalisco. The piñas are then cooked whole in stone ovens using a “slow and low” technique which brings forth maximum quality and flavor. Next, a traditional tahona wheel is used to gently squeeze the agave juice from the plant by hand. During fermentation, the team uses extremely low temperatures and yeast more commonly used in wine, to bring out greater floral and aromatic agave notes before the liquid is double distilled in copper pot stills. During aging, a variety of premium unexpected barrel types are used to finish the tequila, adding unprecedented complexity and nuance to the liquid. No other brand shares this level of commitment to exploring the unique qualities barrel-finishing can bring to tequila. Throughout every step of the production process, the team uses sustainable practices. Cambio Tequila has also been confirmed additive-free, a certification which must be renewed annually by Tequila Matchmaker.

Cambio partnered with ZB Distillery (NOM 1605) to deliver exceptional quality and attention to detail. After a comprehensive search, only Distillery Empresa Ejidal Tequilers de Amatitá was eager to explore Cambio’s innovative distilling techniques and longer production times.

They also committed to the unprecedented practice of exploring secondary barrel finishes for each of Cambio’s products and provided a separate building designed for a 100% natural artisanal process. ZB has been instrumental in allowing Cambio to modify their distillery, and experiment, test, and verify results with their modern laboratory.

The Tequila

  • Cambio Tequila Blanco is made with a higher set of standards, going beyond traditional expectations every step of the way. First, whole Blue Weber Agave piñas are roasted slow and low for superior flavors, then the rich juice is extracted from the pulp using only a traditional Tahona stone wheel. The fermentation process utilizes extremely low temperatures and wine yeasts that yield a wider variety of nuances, and the fermentation tanks are carefully lined with American white oak and Mexican pine and temperature controlled—a step few others have ever even considered. The slower distillation allows for more nuance and control over the spirit’s flavor. Finally, the tequila spends time in used French oak wine barrels, giving the finished spirit a level of complexity and character unlike any other Blanco. No other tequila benefits from this singular attention to every detail, a result which tequila lovers will savor with every sip.
    • Tasting Notes: Fruity and rich with notes of butterscotch, honey-roasted agave, orange peel, guava, and peach with a slight mineral undertone. Soft and pleasant on the palate with a clean, lingering finish—even at 92 proof (46% ABV).
  • Cambio Tequila Reposado is aged for one month in Burgundy and Bordeaux barrels, and then for an additional five months in French oak Chardonnay casks. This extended barrel aging and use of multiple casks gives the tequila distinct warm caramel notes, with a pleasant hint of spice from the Chardonnay casks. This variation of barrel finishing is unprecedented in the world of tequila, elevating the expression beyond what’s expected and raising the bar for all other Reposados. With a commitment to non-traditional yeasts and longer cooking, fermenting, and distilling practices, Cambio is unlike any other Reposado available today. The company’s goal isn’t to make more tequila, just to make it better.
    • Tasting notes: Mellow and rich with notes of warm caramel and spice, as well as honey-roasted agave, orange peel, guava, and a pleasant mineral undertone. Sumptuous on the palate with a pleasingly rich and lingering finish. 92 proof (46% ABV).


Cambio Blanco and Reposado Tequilas are sold online and in select on- and off-premise retail locations in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas for the suggested retail price of $49.99 and $59.99, respectively. For more information, please visit www.cambiotequila.com. Please follow Cambio Tequila on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

About Cambio Tequila

Cambio means change, and it’s what drives this tequila—the relentless pursuit to improve, build and evolve. Founded by classically trained Chef and Sommelier John des Rosiers, Cambio is a distillation of classic tequila tradition filtered through the culinary science and restless craftsmanship of a 30-year veteran’s experience in the world’s finest kitchens and bars. Cambio deeply respects tequila’s traditions while finding opportunities for improvement that honor the older heritage of slow, hand-made craftsmanship. More than any other tequila, Cambio relentlessly pursues the possibilities of what barrel-finishing can bring to a spirit’s flavor and character. There is always a better way, regardless of the extra work, cost, or time, and Cambio constantly strives for perfection from their tequila—because that’s the change you deserve.

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