Still Austin Whiskey Co. Unveils Limited-Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Cognac Casks

Still Austin Whiskey Co. Unveils Limited-Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Cognac Casks

Distillery Reserve Series Holiday Offering Available Via Beginning Monday, December 5 at 1:00pm CST

Austin, TX (November 30, 2022) – Still Austin Whiskey Co., a homegrown distillery in the heart of South Austin, will introduce its latest Distillery Reserve Series offering—a straight bourbon whiskey finished in cognac casks— beginning Monday, December 5 at 1:00pm CST via the Still Austin website, The bourbon is distilled from 100% Texas grains with a mash bill of 70% white corn, 25% rye and 5% malted barley, aged for more than two years in new charred American Oak barrels, finished in French cognac barrels for 17 months, and bottled at 108 proof (54% ABV). This limited-edition spirit opens on the nose with intimations of marzipan, candied pear, molasses and fig and delivers tastes of dried apricots and cranberries, lemongrass, almonds and cassia spice, with lingering afternotes of dried lemon peel, black currants and ginger powder.

As part of these annual holiday releases, Still Austin partners with a local Texas artist to create the art for the bottle label. For this year’s release, the award-winning grain-to-glass distillery turned to Austin-based up-and-coming abstract muralist Kel Brown. A rising star in the local art scene, Brown has been making his mark on the outdoor walls of Austin as well as in the city’s art galleries. A former artist-in-residence at Pine Street Station, he has collaborated with the SXSW music festival, the City of Austin, and the George Washington Carver Museum. Each label for this sumptuous whiskey has been individually hand-painted as Brown allowed the spirit to inspire his innate sense of color and form.

How to Purchase

Consumers will have the chance to purchase a 750ml bottle beginning Monday, December 5 at 1:00pm CST by visiting The price is $120 per bottle plus tax, which will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Limit one per customer. Patrons can pick up their bottles at the Still Austin distillery (440 E. St Elmo Road Unit F) on Friday, December 9, beginning at 12pm. Bottles must be picked up at the distillery and cannot be shipped.

Grain-to-Glass Philosophy

Still Austin is an independent craft whiskey distillery founded in 2015, focusing on a true grain-to-glass concept that produces the highest quality whiskey by perfecting every part of the process and using local resources and sustainable practices. The team is committed to carrying out each part of the process in-house. That means never sourcing whiskey from another distillery, and instead always hand-making everything from scratch, and managing everything in-house – milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, barreling and bottling.

The Still Austin distilling team is led by Head Distiller John Schrepel, Master Blender Nancy Fraley and veteran Master Distiller Mike Delevante, one of the most experienced and respected distillers in North America who designed the distillery to make the highest quality whiskey. That includes a 42-foot custom-made column, “Nancy,” (and her sister copper-pot still, “The Queen”) which give the distillers serious creative license to create unique new flavors and spirits. For more information, visit

For more information, visit

About Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Founded in 2015 by three Austin families, Still Austin Whiskey Co. is a true grain-to-glass distillery, located at 440 East St. Elmo Road in the heart of Austin, Texas. All spirits are hand crafted using grains grown by Texas farmers. Still Austin’s collection of spirits includes the flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey (aka “The Musician”), Cask Strength Bourbon, Straight Rye Whiskey (aka “The Artist”), and American Gin (aka “The Naturalist”). Still Austin places a high value on sustainability, with a focus on cutting carbon emissions through local sourcing, increasing the biodiversity of the region through heritage grains, returning spent grains to local ranchers to feed their animals, and operating a distillery that is designed for energy efficiency and water conservation.

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Stellum™ Spirits Introduces Two New Stellum Black Specialty Blends

Stellum™ Spirits Introduces Two New Stellum Black Specialty Blends

Ongoing Limited-Release Blends Feature an Alternate Blending Profile, Incorporate Rare Barrels

Louisville, KY (November 22, 2022) – Stellum™ Spirits, a national brand which celebrates the modern-day whiskey drinker, today introduced two new Stellum Black specialty blends. These blends feature an alternate blending profile and incorporate rare barrels to create limited edition bourbons and ryes that deliver robust flavor alongside profound complexity.

Stellum Black specialty blends offer consumers more in terms of rarity, collectability, and insight into the inspiration behind the blends themselves. Blending in steps and with smaller batches allows the team to utilize barrels or parts of barrels that are particularly unique while still having a major influence on the character of the whiskey.

The base for all Stellum Black specialty blends is a blend of Indiana bourbon/rye, which is then layered with older bourbons/ryes from Kentucky and Tennessee, creating a unique everyday whiskey.

These are the two latest limited edition blends:

  • Hunter’s Moon
    • This warm, oak driven bourbon is made in preparation for winter, inspired by the Hunter’s Moon of October. It is marked by a high rye spice and a robust woodiness meant for the time of year when days get shorter and the nights get longer. Bottled at cask strength (115.52 proof)
  • The Lone Cypress
    • This savory and delicate rye blend is defined by notes of dried herbs and pine, with a hint of salt-air salinity. It’s named for one of the world’s most famous trees, found on the picturesque coast of the Monterey Peninsula. Bottled at cask strength (115.34 proof)

All Stellum Black specialty blends have an SRP of $99. They are available at select retailers in 49 U.S. markets and online via the Stellum website at For more information, follow Stellum Spirits on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

Stellum Spirits

Stellum™ Spirits is devoted to bringing American whiskey into the modern age with simple, elegant blends and single barrels selected with care and intention. Stellum Spirits is produced by Barrell Craft Spirits®, the original, pre-eminent independent blender of unique, aged, cask strength whiskey and rum since 2013.

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Barrell Craft Spirits® Introduces BCS Gold Label Dovetail

Barrell Craft Spirits® Introduces BCS Gold Label Dovetail

Limited Edition Ultra-Rare Cask Strength Bottling Features Older and More Rare Barrels Aged up to 25 Years

Louisville, KY (November 15, 2022) – Barrell Craft Spirits (BCS), the original, pre-eminent independent blender of unique, aged, cask strength whiskey and rum, today introduced BCS Gold Label Dovetail. This limited edition and ultra-rare expression boasts the same award-winning blend of whiskey finished in rum, port and Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Barrels as its classic, iconic counterpart, which won the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and earned a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. BCS Gold Label Dovetail is created with the same finishing and blending method as Barrell Dovetail, but incorporates whiskeys aged up to 25 years, resulting in a more powerful and robust blend.

“Over the past several years, Dovetail has become a highly regarded expression within the BCS portfolio of products and the American Whiskey world,” said BCS Founder Joe Beatrice. “Following the recent success of BCS Gray Label Dovetail, we decided to apply the concept of ‘Dovetail’ to our oldest, rarest stocks. We left these component whiskeys in their finishing casks even longer and included some very high proof barrels to create a blend with an intensity matched only by its nuance and layering.”

Founded in 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, BCS selects and blends products that explore different distillation methods, barrels and aging environments, and bottles them at cask strength. BCS’s extensive stocks of high-quality casks mean they can craft extraordinary blends that maximize the nuances of each ingredient. Creative finishes, a liberated approach to blending, and a deep-seated commitment to releasing each whiskey at cask strength guides every product release.

BCS Gold Label Dovetail was distilled in IN, TN and Canada and bottled in Kentucky at 140.18 proof (70.09% ABV). The new expression is now available at select retailers within the brand’s current 49 U.S. markets and online via the BCS website at The suggested retail price for a 750ml bottle is $499.99.

In addition to BCS Gold Label Dovetail, Barrell Craft Spirits® offers multiple other special releases that highlight its blending expertise including: Barrell Seagrass, which won Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition; Barrell Armida, which earned Best Barrel-Aged Bourbon at the LA Spirits Awards; Barrell Vantage, a blend of straight bourbons finished in Mizunara, French and Toasted American Oak Casks; and the various other BCS Gold and Gray Label bottlings.

For more information, follow Barrell Craft Spirits® on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram or visit

Barrell Craft Spirits®

Louisville-based Barrell Craft Spirits® is the original, pre-eminent independent blender of unique, aged, cask strength whiskey and rum. Recognized for our blending expertise since 2013, we skillfully design, produce, and launch leading, unique products that surprise and delight whiskey aficionados and novices alike.

Barrell Craft Spirits®, Barrell®, Barrell Bourbon® and Barrell Rye® are registered trademarks owned by Barrell Craft Spirits LLC. 

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Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. Adds Americana 100 Proof Whiskey to its Core Portfolio

Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. Adds Americana 100 Proof Whiskey to its Core Portfolio

Newest Ongoing Release Features an Entirely New Oak Bill™

Los Angeles, CA (November 9, 2022) – Broken Barrel Whiskey Co., whose portfolio of premium whiskeys showcase the impact a non-traditional barrel finishing practice has on flavor, recently added a fifth expression to its core lineup of Kentucky Straight Bourbon & Rye Whiskeys. Introducing Americana, a 100 proof (50% ABV) straight American whiskey featuring a mash bill of 80% corn, 14% rye and 6% malted barley. Americana explores blended American Whiskeys with an entirely new Oak Bill™ – a concept unique to Broken Barrel which denotes the combination of barrel staves from different types of barrels used in each expression – of 40% Charred American Oak, 40% Toasted American Oak and 20% American Apple Brandy Cask. The result is a distinctive whiskey displaying a soft honeycomb sweetness with notes of toasted cashew and butterscotch which melts away into more complex oak and marshmallow notes.

“Previously, we offered a selection of Rare Americana offerings as part of our single barrel program for private groups and retailers,” said Seth Benhaim, Founder and CEO, Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. “The new Americana 100 proof whiskey was inspired by those bottlings, but is a much more accessible offering for Broken Barrel fans to enjoy regularly.”

While most whiskey is aged in barrels and then bottled, Benhaim believed that there was a missed opportunity in traditional barrel finishing – namely the reliance on one type of barrel used to finish one type of whiskey. He created Broken Barrel to expand the barrel finishing concept, involving not only broken barrel staves (vs. intact barrels), but also the combination of multiple barrel types all finishing aged bourbon in tandem. Once Broken Barrel whiskey ages for a minimum of two years, barrels are carefully selected, dumped and batched in a large tank. The broken barrel staves from multiple different kinds of casks are then added to further age and finish the whiskey.

Americana will rollout nationally beginning this month for the suggested retail price of $35. It joins the company’s award-winning lineup of Small Batch, California Oak, Heresy Rye and Cask Strength whiskeys, which are distilled at the historic Owensboro Distilling Co., in Kentucky.

Broken Barrel products are sold online via the brand website, Caskers, Flaviar, Reserve Bar and and in select retail locations within 33 US states and Canada. In addition to the core portfolio, the team regularly issues limited-edition special releases, which allows them to further flex their creative muscles and incorporate barrel staves from various combinations of unique casks sourced from all over the world. The Broken Barrel Stave House & Bottle Shop, located at 2332 East 8th Street in downtown Los Angeles, is open from Monday through Friday from 12-5pm. Limit three bottles per person, per day.

Broken Barrel Whiskey Club

Brand fans can now join the Broken Barrel Whiskey Club, which offers access to unique offerings and rare bottlings on both a semi-annual and quarterly basis. For details and pricing, visit

Please follow Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. on Facebook and Instagram.

About Broken Barrel Whiskey Co.

Founded in 2017, Broken Barrel Whiskey is a portfolio of premium whiskeys sourced from the historic Owensboro Distilling Co. in Kentucky. The core expressions feature exclusively Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, which are further aged and finished using various types and combinations of barrel staves. For more information, please visit

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