Better Brands Beverage Co. Salutes American Veterans with the Launch of a Premium Vodka in Missouri & Southern Illinois

Better Brands Beverage Co. Salutes American Veterans with the Launch of a Premium Vodka in Missouri & Southern Illinois

Chicago — January 4, 2013 – Better Brands Beverage Co. has selected Missouri and Southern Illinois for the initial launch of Salute American, a premium new brand with a purpose. More than just a name, the Company’s inaugural offering is an American-made, premium vodka and a commitment to investing in the future of U.S. veterans who have proudly served their country. To that end, the Company will donate one-dollar for every 750ml bottle sold to approved veterans’ charities – a declaration etched on every bottle.

Salute American is the brainchild of CEO-founder Pete Kelly, a passionate entrepreneur who wanted to make a difference in people’s lives through the ‘pay-it-forward’ philosophy. Pete couldn’t think of a more deserving group than U.S. Veterans – a band of brothers with increasingly high unemployment and homelessness rates*. Salute American became a practical way to help maintain and create jobs in the US for veterans, and to generate ongoing economic success, stronger families and stronger communities.

“Salute American is more than a name – it’s our mission,” said Pete Kelly, CEO-founder, Better Brands BevCo. “We prove our patriotism by giving back and paying it forward.”

Later this month, Salute American will make its first donation in the amount of $25,000 to Veteran’s Farm through Work Vessels for Veterans (WVFV), an all-volunteer movement that assists returning veterans with the necessary start-up tools to begin their civilian career or educational pursuits. This donation will enable Adam Burke, Veteran’s Farm Founder, a veteran and now blueberry farmer in Jacksonville, FL, to purchase farm equipment, supplies and housing for more U.S. Veterans to work on their farms.

Salute Vodka is pure American from start to finish. It’s distilled, designed and distributed by Americans for Americans. The vodka, which was approved for the USA Certified™ Seal, is made from corn and wheat grains straight from the heartland. It’s then four times distilled for a smooth and sweet taste that works well mixed or neat. The canteen-shaped bottle bearing the red, white and blue, was manufactured in Park Hills, Missouri, by Piramal, a global leader in world packaging solutions, and distilled and bottled at Lidestri Spirits in Rochester, NY. The brand will be initially available in both on- and off-premise accounts in Missouri and Southern Illinois. The suggested retail price for a 750ml bottle is $22.99, which will vary by market. Salute American Vodka is 80-proof and 40% alcohol by volume.

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* According to Labor Department Data, the unemployment rate among male veterans, ages 18-24, is nearly 27%. There are currently more than 100,000 homeless Vets in the US.