Still Austin Whiskey Co. Launches Second Batch of its Grain-to-Glass High-Rye Bourbon Whiskey

Still Austin Whiskey Co. Launches Second Batch of its Grain-to-Glass High-Rye Bourbon Whiskey

Limited-Release Expression Made Using Local Resources and Sustainable Practices Now Available Throughout the State of Texas

Austin, TX (October 20, 2019) – Still Austin Whiskey Co., a homegrown distillery situated in the heart of South Austin, today released the second batch of its high-rye bourbon whiskey featuring grains that are 100% grown by Texas farmers. The bourbon is handmade from grain-to-glass at the distillery and then aged in new charred American Oak barrels and bottled at 100.4 proof (50.2% ABV). The expression follows the Spring 2019 release of the company’s first batch of aged bourbon whiskey. It is comprised of a high-quality mash bill worthy of its hometown: 70% Non-GMO white corn (the same found in Austin’s tortillas), 25% Elbon rye (which imparts a natural spice) and 5% wildfire malted barley. But, unlike the first batch of whiskey, which was only available in Austin, the second batch will be distributed to liquor stores and whiskey bars throughout the state of Texas.

“We’re incredibly proud of the limited-edition second release. The reception we felt on the first release here in Austin was outstanding and we are excited to share this limited second release with our friends across Texas,” said Chris Seals, CEO of Still Austin. “We got to this point by performing every step with intention, which means we focus on every detail in the process to make bourbon that highlights the natural flavor from our local grains.”

The newest release has delightfully sweet aromas which shine through on the initial nose, followed by waves of browned butter with baking spices such as cinnamon, allspice, and clove. The alcohol is soft and round on the palate, with a surprisingly long finish, depth, and finesse.

The distilling team is led by Head Distiller John Schrepel, who hand-selected 60 barrels of excellent quality to release. John draws on the experience of Nancy Fraley, Still Austin’s master nose, who has a reputation for quality and master blending. John also benefits from the decades of experience of Mike Delevante, Still Austin’s master distiller who designed the distillery to make the highest quality of bourbon, and is one of the most experienced and respected distillers in North America.

Still Austin is an independent craft whiskey distillery founded in 2015, focusing on a true grain-to-glass concept that produces the highest quality whiskey by perfecting every part of the process and using local resources and sustainable practices. The team is committed to carrying out each part of the process in-house. That means never sourcing whiskey from another distillery, and instead always hand-making everything from scratch, and managing everything in-house – milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, barreling and bottling.

Still Austin has figured out how to use Texas weather to its advantage. The region’s high heat, humidity and rapidly shifting temperatures encourage spirits to move rapidly in and out of the oak barrels and mature relatively quickly—but, if this process is left unchecked, it can also cause the bourbon to have heavy oak flavor or harsh tannic qualities. To prevent this, Still Austin intentionally “raises” each barrel from birth to maturity, using a labor-intensive philosophy known as élevage. Focusing on flavor and balance, the meticulous practice uses a slow water reduction technique to give the alcohol a softness on the palate and bring more “mature” notes, like vanilla and caramel, to the forefront. The result is a bourbon that highlights the natural flavor of the local grain, with no faults whatsoever.

The company is serious about making the highest quality of bourbon and doing that in a way that doesn’t destroy the earth. Still Austin implements sustainable practices, such as: operating a low-impact distillery that is energy efficient and conserves water, cutting carbon emissions through local sourcing, working alongside farmers who use sustainable agriculture practices, increasing the biodiversity of the region by growing heritage grains, and achieving a zero waste goal by returning spent grains to local farmers to feed their animals.

“From the beginning, Still Austin committed to producing high-quality grain-to-glass spirits while staying true to itself and its dedication to the larger community and implementing sustainable practices,” said Brandon Joldersma, General Manager at Still Austin. “Our high-rye bourbon whiskey, while young, is delicious – probably the only one-year-aged expression on the market that anyone should taste.”

The second batch of Still Austin’s high-rye bourbon whiskey will be available throughout Texas in 750ml bottles at liquor stores and whiskey bars for a suggested retail price of $45.00. The bottle’s label was designed by local artist Josh Row.

In addition to the Bourbon Whiskey, Still Austin also produces Still Rye Gin, made 100% from Texas-grown rye grain.

The Distillery

Located at 440 East St. Elmo Road in Austin, Texas, the Still Austin distillery is a “whiskey lover’s paradise.” The Tasting Room is open to the public Wed-Thur (3-9pm), Fri-Sat (12-10pm) and Sunday (12-6pm) and closed on Monday and Tuesday. Distillery tours are available on by appointment on Monday and Tuesday, on Wed-Thu at 5 & 7pm, Fri-Sat at 1, 3, 5 and 7pm and Sun at 1, 3 and 5pm. The tour provides a behind the scenes look into the distilling process, history of the company and an up close and personal look at the 42-foot custom-made column still, “Nancy,” (and her sister, the copper-pot still dubbed, “The Queen”). Admission for a 60-minute tour is $15 and includes a spirit tasting. Two-hour private tours with the Master Distiller are also available for $40. Reserve your spot by emailing [email protected] or calling 512.276.2700. Walk-ins are accepted (subject to availability).

For more information about the high-rye whiskey and brand behind it, visit and follow Still Austin on Facebook at, Twitter @StillATX and Instagram @Still_ATX.

About Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Founded in 2015 by three Austin families, Still Austin Whiskey Co. is a true grain-to-glass Distillery, located in the heart of Austin, Texas. All spirits are hand crafted using grains grown by Texas farmers. Still Austin’s collection of spirits includes Still Austin’s High Rye Bourbon Whiskey and Still Rye Gin. Still Austin places a high value on sustainability, with a focus on cutting carbon emissions through local sourcing, increasing the biodiversity of our region through heritage grains, returning spent grains to local ranchers to feed their animals, and operating a distillery that is designed for energy efficiency and water conservation. The distillery offers tours and tastings Wednesday through Sunday as well as private events.

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Traverse City Whiskey Co. Acquires Cocktail Crate LLC 

Traverse City Whiskey Co. Acquires Cocktail Crate LLC 

“Whiskey of the North” Purchases Craft Cocktail Mixer Company To Enhance Its Non-Alcoholic Product Portfolio    

Traverse City, MI (October 10, 2019)Traverse City Whiskey Co. (TCWC), the award-winning craft whiskey producer known as the “Whiskey of the North,” has acquired Cocktail Crate LLC, the New York-based, non-GMO craft cocktail mixer company. 
The purchase comes at a time of explosive growth for the upstart Michigan spirits brand, which markets a portfolio of award-winning whiskey expressions. In 2018, the company added Premium Cocktail Cherries to its lineup, which expanded its consumer reach beyond the spirit aisle at all Meijer locations. This acquisition will help to accelerate the distribution of the brand’s non-alcoholic portfolio.
“This acquisition opens up exciting distribution, marketing and merchandising opportunities for our spirits portfolio and will allow us to offer even more value to our fans and retail partners,” said Chris Fredrickson, co-founder of Traverse City Whiskey Co.
Cocktail Crate was founded in 2012 by cocktail enthusiast and ex-management consultant, Alex Abbott Boyd. Starting with just $5,000 from a Kickstarter campaign, Alex grew the brand from a farmers’ market offering to its current national distribution at Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Wegman’s and Williams Sonoma. Cocktail Crate mixers are made with passion from the highest quality ingredients including fresh juices, natural sugars and real bitters. As part of the acquisition, Boyd has agreed to join the TCWC team to lead the growth of the company’s non-alcoholic product portfolio.
“I’m incredibly excited to join Traverse City Whiskey Co. and to seamlessly lead the integration of the two businesses,” said Alex Abbott Boyd, Founder of Cocktail Crate. “The brand was made to be mixed with whiskey; now we can offer our customers everything they need to enjoy a great cocktail – craft whiskey, craft mixers and premium cocktail cherries.”
Beyond this acquisition, the “Whiskey of the North” recently opened its first satellite whiskey tasting room in Metro Detroit. The company also plans to break ground on the site of its expanded distillery in the near future, which will be complete with a rick house, visitor center and full production facility.
For more information, please visit and follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @tcwhiskey.
About Traverse City Whiskey Co.
Traverse City Whiskey Co. is an independent and locally owned distilled spirits company based in Traverse City, Michigan, that’s dedicated to producing approachable premium to super-premium whiskey and bourbon. Known as “The Whiskey of the North,” the upstart company draws upon its early family roots in the distilled spirits industry dating back to the late 1800’s, sourcing all grains from the Midwest. 
Traverse City Whiskey Co. is a proud member of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS).
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Stolen Spirits Introduces Stolen X 100ml Cans

Stolen Spirits Introduces Stolen X 100ml Cans

Following the Successful Launch of Stolen X, the Company Sets its Sights on the Single-Serve Format, Featuring a Full Proof RTD With High-End Ingredients

CHICAGO, Ill. (October 9, 2019) Stolen Spirits, which successfully launched Stolen X in 1L and 750ml bottles earlier this year, is now extending the line with 100ml cans. Known for creating the world’s first smoked rum and award-winning 11-year-old single-grain whiskey, the company is keen to capitalize on the accelerating growth of the Premium Whiskey Category with a Rye whiskey-based RTD.

According to Nielsen[1], RTD consumption increased over 40% in the past year. Spirits Investment Partners, the group behind Stolen Spirits, expects Stolen X’s new can format to crush it in both the on-premise and off-premise, especially given the recent category growth. The brand has organically developed a cult following and significant levels of buzz and engagement among social influencers who are fueling the dramatic growth of Stolen X. By introducing an 80-proof spirit-based RTD (premium whiskey vs. a malt-base) in cans with premium organic ingredients and less sugar, the company is giving fans yet another reason to choose Stolen X, with a flavor profile of the #1 selling cocktail – an old fashioned.

“Most canned beverages are watered down versions of classic cocktails, but Stolen X delivers 2.25oz of a full strength great-tasting cocktail in a can,” said Marc Bushala, CEO of Spirits Investment Partners. “The new format and premium ingredients will only extend interest and sales in the brand as we continue to disrupt the category.”

Based on a pre-prohibition spirit known as “Rock & Rye,” Stolen X is made with straight American rye whiskey, and then blended with organic raw honey and real orange peel. The aged rye whiskey and all-natural ingredients create a smooth and perfectly balanced flavor profile.

“Canned cocktails are changing the game in both the on and off-premise,” said Ryan Perry, Co-Founder and CIO of Spirits Investment Partnership. “Owners and operators especially crave options which provide incremental impulse purchases and facilitate trade up into the high margin whiskey category.”

Stolen X will introduce the new 100ml cans direct to consumers around the country via five Stolen X Vintage El Caminos. The vehicles are wrapped in the brand’s signature black and white, outfitted with flatbeds and coolers, and stacked full of 100ml Stolen X cans. The X sampling fleet will pop-up at tailgating events, music festivals and street fairs as well as being “dropped” in target markets at high traffic intersections. Seemingly renegade sampling teams will educate and sample directly from the vehicle bringing the party to life in each region.

Distributed in partnership with Breakthru Beverage Group, Young’s Market, RNDC and other top tier independent wholesalers, Stolen X 100ml cans are available for a suggested retail price of $2.99 in on-premise and off-premise establishments in: CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NJ, NY, OK, SC, TN, TX, WA and WI.

For more information about Stolen Spirits and Stolen X, visit Follow the brand on Facebook @ThisIsStolen and on Instagram @thisisstolen.

About Stolen Spirits

Stolen Spiritsis a collection of unique spirits born in Auckland, New Zealand. The portfolio includes an exceptional 11-year-old single grain whiskey, a Jamaican pot-stilled overproof rum, and the world’s first smoked rum.  The Stolen family shares the same essential DNA: high quality, distinctive and unconventional character.

About Spirits Investment Partners

Spirits Investment Partners (SIP) is a boutique innovation and brand development company focused in the spirits sector, comprised of a team of highly-seasoned distilled beverage professionals with expertise spanning branding to production, sales, marketing and finance.

Stolen Skus: United States, Australia, New Zealand

Stolen Dark Rum | Stolen Gold Rum | Stolen Overproof Rum | Stolen Smoked Rum |Stolen White Rum | Stolen 11 Whiskey | Stolen X

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[1] Source: Nielsen Homescan Omnibus Survey, January 2019

UNX Launches UNX NOW, the First Streaming Ninja Sport Network

UNX Launches UNX NOW, the First Streaming Ninja Sport Network

OTT Channel UNX NOW Provides Ninja Fans One Centralized Network for Watching Year-Round Professional Sport Competitions and Interacting With Top Ninja Athletes

Chicago, Ill. (October 7, 2019) – The future of ninja has arrived. Beginning today, UNX has launched UNX NOW, the first-ever centralized streaming network specifically designed for watching professional ninja sport competitions and interacting with top ninja athletes. Capitalizing on the immense worldwide popularity of the sport, from amateur competitive leagues to professional athletes on reality shows, the new over-the-top (OTT) channel means that millions of worldwide fans of ninja will no longer need to wait to see their favorite male and female athletes in action. UNX NOW will initially showcase daily content including the inaugural professional competition season, and a daily “UNX Fast Forward” show featuring family-friendly programming: athlete interviews, analysis of runs, home workouts and more.

To bring the vision to life, UNX CEO Jeff Piejak (who currently owns four brick and mortar Ultimate Ninjas locations in Metro Chicago and St. Louis), teamed up with top ninja athletes Ethan Swanson and Chris Digangi. Together, they shared a desire to elevate the sport of ninja which was strongly supported by the athletes themselves. The trio then enlisted  Howard Bolter, a broadcast industry veteran who has launched broadcast, cable and OTT channels, to serve as UNX COO. Finally, to ensure the highest quality of sports production, UNX secured Hugh Arian, X Games executive producer and president of Echo Entertainment.

“For a long time, people have watched ninja sports in a finite reality format, while getting invested in the lives of these athletes,” stated Swanson. “We quickly realized that fans were craving a year-round, professional, merit-based competition format, which we’ll deliver using the latest technology and network quality programming.”

The inaugural season of UNX professional competitions will include 12 open qualifiers at gyms around the country for anyone age 13 and over, as well as three live-streamed and broadcast finals held between October 2019 and early February 2020. Throughout the season, which will culminate in a live championship on February 15, 2020, UNX will award $75,000 in prize money to top athletes: $18K per major plus $21K for the championship.

This new format, which puts the athlete as a competitor first, has attracted top talent including: American Ninja Warrior 2019 Champion Drew Drechsel; Daniel Gil; Jesse Labreck; and Jessie Graff, all of whom have signed on to compete in the inaugural season and be featured in the network’s entertainment programs.

“This is my life, my passion, and my profession,” said Drechsel. “I look forward to being seen as the athlete that I am and have trained so hard to become. It’s exciting to have the audience of ninja fans really get to know me and see what I’m able to do year-round on UNX NOW.”

Top ninja personalities Grant McCartney and Evan Dollard will serve as lead commentators on the live-streamed majors and championship event.

In November, UNX will also begin accepting pre-sale bar system orders for its new ultiFit @ Homeworkout system (projected delivery March 2020). Designed and led by American Ninja Warrior veterans including Jesse Labreck, the revolutionary workout helps to increase strength, agility and confidence by allowing users to access a variety of on-demand 20-minute workouts. ultiFit @ Home adheres to the principle of Progress over Perfection, guiding users towards their goals with each and every workout.The individual workouts are included in the monthly membership.  The bar system and accessories are sold separately.

Subscriptions to UNX NOW are available for $5.99/month. Fans can also choose to pay-per-view the live-streamed majors and championship for $15.99.

For more information on UNX NOW and to sign up for a one-month free trial, visit Follow the brand on Facebook (UNX), Instagram (@UNX.NOW) and Twitter (@UNX_NOW)


UNX is the home for everything ninja. Created by ninjas, UNX features a professional ninja competition league as well as an interactive OTT channel with access to competitions, and a daily “UNX Fast Forward” show featuring athlete interviews, analysis of runs and home workouts. For more information, visit