Bi-Annual Release Includes First Cask Strength Rye and Newest Bourbon Offering

Corona del Mar, CA (March 27, 2024) – High n’ Wicked, the award-winning line of whiskeys within the Altamar Brands portfolio of premium distilled spirits, has released its first cask strength rye and its newest cask strength bourbon offering of its flagship rye and bourbon whiskeys.

High n’ Wicked Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey uses a five-year aged sour mash and a mash bill of 91% rye and 9% malted barley. Although rye whiskeys only require a minimum of 51% rye and can be difficult to work with especially at such a high percentage, the team found that a 91% rye mash bill best showcased the characteristics they desired in a rye whiskey. The expression is distilled by New Riff Distilling and bottled without chill filtration at cask strength (62% ABV or 124 proof) in Kentucky.

High n’ Wicked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey features a five-year aged sweet mash, (unlike most whiskeys that use a sour mash), which allows for greater complexity of flavor (especially with this high rye content mash bill) that is further accentuated in the cask strength edition. The expression has a mash bill of 51% corn, 39% rye, and 10% malted barley and is distilled, aged, and bottled in Kentucky at cask strength (61.6% ABV or 123.2 proof) without chill filtration to retain maximum flavor and character.

High n’ Wicked was founded in 2019 by W. L. Lyons Brown, III, and Kevin E. Sachs, two former Brown-Forman senior executives who were instrumental in building Jack Daniel’s and Southern Comfort in Europe and Asia. The firm’s goal is to present ultra-premium rare and distinctive whiskeys that honor traditional methods of delivering exceptional flavors.

Both cask strength expressions have a suggested retail price of $90, which may vary by market. All High n’ Wicked offerings are regularly available in 41 U.S. states and Washington DC as well as online via the brand website, and Curiada.

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About Altamar Brands LLC

Founded in 2005 by W. L. Lyons Brown, III, Altamar Brands is a small, entrepreneurial outfit founded to develop and import esoteric, artisanal spirits brands that offer unique and distinctive production stories in their respective categories. They include: Elvelo Tequila, Foursquare Rum, High n’ Wicked Whiskeys, Kubler Absinthe, Lagrimas del Valle Tequila, Probitas Rum, Right Gin, and R.L. Seale’s Barbados Rum.

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