Photo & Art Enthusiasts Can Choose From 10 Customizable Framing Options to Best Showcase Their Favorite Works of Art

Chicago (September 2017)Artmill, the leading online provider of contemporary framing alternatives for photographs and art, offers 10 modern, customizable and affordable options to help enthusiasts enhance and update interior décor. Customers can create their own ideal, and unique, areas by bringing art to life.

Headquartered in Chicago, Artmill offers a full range of styles and sizes for people searching for unique mounting options, which transform their favorite pieces from a digital file to framed art. From the simplicity of a plaque to the sophistication of gallery-style acrylic finishes, Artmill boasts a style to fill any artistic whim.

Artmill can turn any original or stock photograph, poster, or even painting, into a dynamic, attention grabbing piece of high-quality art for:

  • Art lovers or enthusiastic vacationers eager to get images off their phone and onto the wall;
  • Professional photographers sending their client the fruits of their labor, or;
  • Office/building managers seeking stunning art to breathe life onto barren office walls.

“We provide innovative, high-quality, custom solutions to turn images into art, for photo enthusiasts and professional artists alike,” said Abe Khorshid, president, Artmill. “We encourage our customers to think big – sometimes literally.”

Large scale art in homes make a bold statement, allowing people to truly express themselves, create mood and draw the eye. Artmill’s sizes range from as small as 5”x7” all the way up to 5’x10’, the largest single panel available. Even larger pieces can be stitched together with the panels, making the sizing options truly limitless. As long as the resolution is high enough, even the smallest images can be blown up, creating art that is truly larger than life. Likewise, Artmill can print photos, including panoramic prints, on everything from glass to wood.

The process is simple – select a customizable frame online, upload an image, select a size, and receive the ready-to-hang artwork, which ships out in about a week. When an order is complete, Artmill can provide free installation locally (in Chicago). All finished products are delivered ready to mount.

Artmill’s care and attention to detail are unparalleled. One craftsman works with each submission until it’s completed, eliminating the risk of blemishes and ensuring every step is perfect. Unlike other online framing sites, there is a “live” person behind Artmill’s support, every step of the way.

Frame options include:

  • Plaquemount: the basic mount, popular for wall murals due to its simplicity and east of installation
  • Floatmount: the eye-catching contemporary design lifts the image off the wall to appear as if it’s floating
  • Flushmount: the hollowed box-like shape, with beveled edge, provides depth and volume
  • Plaque Floater: combines a sleek plaque of bold color with the floatmount to accentuate the artistry of the image a la 3-D
  • Gallery Box Frame: a favorite among professional artists and galleries, which provides substantial depth to the image with a natural wooden frame
  • Gallery Acrylic Facemount: without space between the acrylic and the print, the bold, high gloss finish enhances and reflects the colors of the image
  • Gallery Canvas: a traditional option with an added personal touch, assembled by hand
  • Gallery Lightbox: ideal for images with high contrast, this dynamic frame illuminates the image from behind, accentuating its depth
  • Fine Art Frame: the classic gallery-style art frame
  • Acrylic Standoff: a clean look for displaying art and signage, this sleek, modern design is often found in offices and commercial spaces

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About Artmill

Founded in 2014, Artmill combines years of trained printing, mounting and framing experience to develop innovative and unique ways to showcase photos and artwork, at an affordable price. Artmill’s mission is to use their gallery mounting experience to provide professional-level quality to all, offering new options to the art enthusiast, professional photographer or office/building manager.

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