89,000 Square Foot Facility Will Help to Meet Increased Demand for the Independent Blender’s Award-Winning Cask Strength Whiskey

Louisville, KY (January 9, 2023) – Barrell Craft Spirits® (BCS) today announced the purchase of an historic rickhouse in Shively, Kentucky. The five-story, 89,000 sq. ft. rickhouse, which can house more than 17,500 barrels, will afford BCS much needed storage space, given the increased demand for the company’s award-winning line of whiskey and rum.

BCS purchased the rickhouse from Angel’s Envy, which had owned it since 2013, in December 2022 for $2.41 million. Originally built in 1940 as part of a Yellowstone Distillery campus following the repeal of Prohibition, it has been owned and operated by several companies since then, including Florida Distillers, Glenmore Distilling Company of Owensboro, and most recently, Angel’s Envy.

“Working with approximately 65 different producers presents logistical challenges for transporting and accessing all of these barrels,” said BCS Founder Joe Beatrice. “The new facility will help to solve these challenges and allow for increased storage space near our blending facility. We plan to begin moving barrels into the rickhouse later this month.”

Founded in 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, BCS selects and blends products that explore different distillation methods, barrels and aging environments, and bottles them at cask strength. BCS’s extensive stocks of high-quality casks mean it can craft extraordinary blends that maximize the nuances of each ingredient. Creative finishes, a liberated approach to blending, and a deep-seated commitment to releasing each whiskey at cask strength guides every product release.

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Barrell Craft Spirits®

Louisville-based Barrell Craft Spirits® is the original, pre-eminent independent blender of unique, aged, cask strength whiskey and rum. Recognized for its blending expertise since 2013, they skillfully design, produce, and launch leading, unique products that surprise and delight whiskey aficionados and novices alike.

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