Chicago, IL (April 1, 2013) – Step aside sugar.  The next generation of sweet starts now.  Equal®, a leader among zero-calorie sweeteners and a trusted brand for more than 30 years, is breaking new ground with the launch of Equal® Next in Tampa and Orlando this month.  This great-tasting, new zero-calorie sweetener is a blend of aspartame and saccharin, sweeteners that are used in the Equal “blue” and Equal “pink” packets respectively.  When combined, these two sweeteners create a synergy that produces a clean, sugar-like taste.

Although many consumers are actively trying to cut calories and manage their sugar intake, staving off a sweet tooth can still be challenging.  Taste was the most important factor (83%) to buyers when choosing a sweetener, according to a Mintel study[1].  Now, consumers can have their cake and eat it too.  With a delicious, sugar-like taste, Equal Next delivers a sweet new alternative to sugar, without all of the added calories.  Equal Next dissolves well in hot and cold beverages, such as coffee, tea and iced tea.  Or, simply use it instead of sugar on cereal and fruit and in your favorite recipes.

“Equal Next offers a delicious new sweetener blend for sugar-enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers,” says Cheryl Gill, director, North America Marketing, Merisant US, Inc.  “It’s the next generation of sweet for sugar lovers, but without the extra calories and carbs.”

Equal Next is now available at select retailers in Tampa & Orlando in 100-ct boxes for a suggested retail price of $3.49.  Retail prices may vary by market.  Each packet (100 per box) sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar.  Discover more at

About Equal®

For more than 30 years, Equal® has offered their trusted “blue” packets using the ingredient of aspartame.  The brand also offers Equal sucralose and Equal saccharin packets that deliver the quality and taste patrons expect.  Equal® is a registered trademark of Merisant Company.

About Merisant Company

Merisant Company, the manufacturer of Equal® brand zero-calorie sweetener, is a privately held company headquartered in Chicago.  Merisant is a global leader in the sweetener industry and has a presence in more than 90 countries with over 420 employees worldwide.

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[1] Mintel Study October 2012

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