Founder Steven Busch Carries Family Legacy Into the Distilled Spirits Industry With Guidance from His Father, August A. Busch III

St. Louis, MO – For nearly two centuries, people worldwide have trusted the Busch family’s standard of excellence. Now Steven Busch, Founder of King Spirits and the son of August A. Busch III, is  carrying that legacy into the world of distilled spirits with the launch of the company’s heritage line of inaugural brands: Walker’s Cay Bourbon™ and Hope Town Vodka™.

Steven grew up in the brewing industry and has owned a beer wholesaler for the past 15 years. Although he comes from a multi-generational world-famous family, he has managed to stay behind the curtain. He is launching his own spirits line with guidance from his father, who brings strategic oversight, unmatched liquid development, sound leadership, and distinguished brand-building skills.

“Our inaugural small-batch spirits were inspired by quality time spent with my father on the water and our family’s passion for saltwater fishing for the past 100 years in Mexico, Florida, and the Bahamas,” said Steven Busch, King Spirits Founder. “My family has a deep history with The Bahamas and I’ve seen firsthand how hurricanes can destroy the islands and disrupt the livelihoods of the communities. To that end, we proudly make donations as well as contribute a portion of our profits from Walker’s Cay bourbon and Hope Town vodka to charities that directly help the Bahamian citizens.”

Walker’s Cay Bourbon Whiskey

Like the Bahamian island of its namesake, Walker’s Cay Bourbon is a touchstone of the fisherman’s lifestyle and designed to help people rediscover life’s simplest pleasures. As a nod to the family’s brewing heritage, Walker’s Cay is aged in new Missouri oak barrels and finished on sherry cask staves for a rich and balanced taste. Handcrafted at Green River Distillery in Kentucky, the expression features a mash bill of 70% Kentucky Corn, 21% Winter Rye, and 9% Malted Barley and is distilled to 90 proof (45% ABV). A complex yet approachable spirit, it delivers toasted oak, grain, fig, vanilla, and a hint of pepper.

Hope Town Vodka

Hope Town Vodka is handcrafted in small batches in Charleston, South Carolina, and inspired by a tiny village in Elbow Cay, located in the Abaco chain in the northern Bahamas. The company’s proprietary method yields an all-natural, gluten-free, ultra-premium spirit. Distilled six times and available in Original and Lime expressions, Hope Town has a delicate, clean, subtly sweet character and an exceptionally smooth finish. 

Bottle Artwork

King Spirits partnered with globally acclaimed marine artist, Carey Chen, to create the unique art featured on the Walker’s Cay and Hope Town bottle labels. Carey shares the company’s affinity for saltwater fishing. His masterful use of aquatic colors gives the bottles an eye-catching look that distinguishes them from other products on the shelf while honoring this iconic sport and connecting with the people who love it.

Where to Buy

King Spirits are available online via Mash & Grape and Drizly, as well as on- and off-premise establishments in the following markets: DC, FL, MA and MO and launching soon in GA, IL, MD, SC, WI and more. The suggested retail price for a 750ml bottle of Walker’s Cay Bourbon Whiskey and Hope Town Vodka is $34.99 and $22.99, respectively. Retail prices may vary by market.

For more information, visit King Spirits and follow the brands online:

King Spirits

For nearly two centuries, people worldwide have trusted the Busch family’s standard of excellence. Now, King Spirits Founder Steven Busch is building upon that legacy as he embarks on a new adventure into the world of distilled spirits to provide outstanding quality, superior drinkability, inspirational and approachable brands, and everyday enjoyment for consumers everywhere. The company’s inaugural offerings in the U.S. include Walker’s Cay Bourbon, Hope Town Vodka, and Hope Town Lime. The King Spirits Giving Initiative is committed to support and help rebuild The Bahamas by giving to as well as donating a portion of its profits to three organizations: Hope Town United, Green Turtle Cay Foundation, and Restore Hope Foundation. Enjoy responsibly.

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