Following the Successful Launch of Stolen X, the Company Sets its Sights on the Single-Serve Format, Featuring a Full Proof RTD With High-End Ingredients

CHICAGO, Ill. (October 9, 2019) Stolen Spirits, which successfully launched Stolen X in 1L and 750ml bottles earlier this year, is now extending the line with 100ml cans. Known for creating the world’s first smoked rum and award-winning 11-year-old single-grain whiskey, the company is keen to capitalize on the accelerating growth of the Premium Whiskey Category with a Rye whiskey-based RTD.

According to Nielsen[1], RTD consumption increased over 40% in the past year. Spirits Investment Partners, the group behind Stolen Spirits, expects Stolen X’s new can format to crush it in both the on-premise and off-premise, especially given the recent category growth. The brand has organically developed a cult following and significant levels of buzz and engagement among social influencers who are fueling the dramatic growth of Stolen X. By introducing an 80-proof spirit-based RTD (premium whiskey vs. a malt-base) in cans with premium organic ingredients and less sugar, the company is giving fans yet another reason to choose Stolen X, with a flavor profile of the #1 selling cocktail – an old fashioned.

“Most canned beverages are watered down versions of classic cocktails, but Stolen X delivers 2.25oz of a full strength great-tasting cocktail in a can,” said Marc Bushala, CEO of Spirits Investment Partners. “The new format and premium ingredients will only extend interest and sales in the brand as we continue to disrupt the category.”

Based on a pre-prohibition spirit known as “Rock & Rye,” Stolen X is made with straight American rye whiskey, and then blended with organic raw honey and real orange peel. The aged rye whiskey and all-natural ingredients create a smooth and perfectly balanced flavor profile.

“Canned cocktails are changing the game in both the on and off-premise,” said Ryan Perry, Co-Founder and CIO of Spirits Investment Partnership. “Owners and operators especially crave options which provide incremental impulse purchases and facilitate trade up into the high margin whiskey category.”

Stolen X will introduce the new 100ml cans direct to consumers around the country via five Stolen X Vintage El Caminos. The vehicles are wrapped in the brand’s signature black and white, outfitted with flatbeds and coolers, and stacked full of 100ml Stolen X cans. The X sampling fleet will pop-up at tailgating events, music festivals and street fairs as well as being “dropped” in target markets at high traffic intersections. Seemingly renegade sampling teams will educate and sample directly from the vehicle bringing the party to life in each region.

Distributed in partnership with Breakthru Beverage Group, Young’s Market, RNDC and other top tier independent wholesalers, Stolen X 100ml cans are available for a suggested retail price of $2.99 in on-premise and off-premise establishments in: CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NJ, NY, OK, SC, TN, TX, WA and WI.

For more information about Stolen Spirits and Stolen X, visit Follow the brand on Facebook @ThisIsStolen and on Instagram @thisisstolen.

About Stolen Spirits

Stolen Spiritsis a collection of unique spirits born in Auckland, New Zealand. The portfolio includes an exceptional 11-year-old single grain whiskey, a Jamaican pot-stilled overproof rum, and the world’s first smoked rum.  The Stolen family shares the same essential DNA: high quality, distinctive and unconventional character.

About Spirits Investment Partners

Spirits Investment Partners (SIP) is a boutique innovation and brand development company focused in the spirits sector, comprised of a team of highly-seasoned distilled beverage professionals with expertise spanning branding to production, sales, marketing and finance.

Stolen Skus: United States, Australia, New Zealand

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[1] Source: Nielsen Homescan Omnibus Survey, January 2019

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